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Interview with AlaqMaster

Minnesota Wild / April 2018

1/ Hi Alaq. Congrats to your first career Stanley cup. How are your immediate feelings?
Alaq: Big relief. After few failed campaigns (in NEHL and EAPHL) finally I've managed to win the playoffs, it was a big moment for me. It's very important to finally have playoff success against great opposition, after very good regular seasons and regular choking in the playoffs.

2/ You managed to win both semifinal and final series in 7 games. In SF, you were already down 1-3 against Steel, pretty nice comeback, wasn't it?
Alaq: Yeah, all of the series in semifinals and finals ended up being 7 game thrillers. In series against Steel, he had all the momentum in the first 4 games (I've won game 1 luckily but in the end it was a crucial win), was, as you said, up 3-1. Then, in the game there was a huge momentum swing, I had nothing to lose but at the same time I believed that as long as I have momentum going on, I can keep winning games.

3/ In the finale against North Star the situation turned when you managed to win first three matches of the series, but at the end of the day you had to fight till the last breath in overtime of game 7.
What happened?
Alaq: Against North Star, there was also a momentum swing, however, this time it turned out against me... First two games were convincing victories, I've scored 9 goals while conceding only one but in the later games opponent started playing much better and I played much worse,, especially losing the game 5 at the home ice was something that brought North Star much closer to the final goal.

4/ The decisive moment (Nino Niederreiter's goal) came in overtime, only 8 seconds to start. Could you describe how it was scored?
Alaq: To be honest, game winning goal in that game didn't feel as good as game tying goal by Matt Dumba in the last seconds of the game. I went into overtime carried by a huge morale boost from this goal. Immediately after winning the opening faceoff of OT, went into Isles' zone, Staal shot, I started to hammer "shoot" button hoping for the best and Niederreiter scored rebound goal.

5/ Besides this league you also play in the playoffs of russian league EAPHL. Do you think for another cup from this season?
Alaq: In the Russian League I took STL at the end of the season they were almost eliminated of the play-offs, I didn't play much games and in the end, didn't make Stanley Cup playoffs. Ended up in the tournament for teams placed 17-24 (Kurri Cup) but forfeited this tournament to not ruin the fun for others.

Thank you for the interview, Master.

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