Round 17 - Pre-match of the week preview, by CosmiC

13. january 2018 at 10:19 | CosmiC |  Hockey notes

MinoTN vs. TibOrr

Head-to-head career matches: 6-0 for MinoTN (8:2, 3:2, 3:2, 5:3, 6:0, 3:1)
Position in actual League Standings: MinoTN - 14th / TibOrr - 10th
Position in History Player Ranking Table: MinoTN - 16th / TibOrr - 22nd
Game preview, by CosmiC: MinoTN vs. TibOrr will be very interresting games. On the one hand - MinoTN - an excellent player with incredible luck and cheat goalie. At the moment he is not so high in the tournament table, however, he still has a few games played. MinoTN is a contender to enter into the Play Off, but, however, not with the top 4. MinoTN has not got a top attack, but he is a great performer and he does not need a lot of chances to score. Henrik Lundqvist is a cheat goalkeeper, so MinoTN can feel relatively calm, but, however, you can not relax when Pittsburgh Penguins, led by TibOrr, play against you. TibOrr perfectly uses the main force of Pittsburgh Penguins - Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby. He is good at attacking, scoring a lot of goals, however, he missed sometimes very much pucks in a one match. In my opinion, TibOrr will easily enter into Play Off, I think that even from the 4th place. How will their matches end? In their matches no overtime will be played. Both players will get their 2 points and a large number of goals will be scored. My prediction - 1 win for Mino TN and 1 win for TibOrr.



1 MinoTN MinoTN | 13. january 2018 at 19:08 | React

I love u Cosmic

2 konopes konopes | 22. january 2018 at 22:32 | React

haha cheat goalie :D :)  mino you lucker

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