Round 17 central match previews - The 'CLASSICS'

13. january 2018 at 23:02 | CosmiC, Joseph & Ice Cold |  Hockey notes

EMLH 'CLASSICS' is defined as a matchups between 2 Masters who managed to play more than 20 head-to-head league games during their careers. During league history only one duel met these hard criteria to be classified as CLASSICS and that is nothing else than legendary Konopes vs Maestro derby. From year 2008 when they played their first league head-to-head game, these hall-of-famers have already met 27 times! which is far most among all players ever. These classic matchups are considered as a celebration of PC online hockey and the winner is always hard to predict. Even though Maestro has slightly better head-to-head results winning 15 out of 27 mutual career games, Konopes has more cups in less seasons played and won latest three games in a row. What to expect? The ultimate world-class pc hockey!

KonopesMaster***vs. Maestro^Master**

Head-to-head career matches: 15-12 for Maestro (5:7, 5:4, 4:8, 9:3, 4:5, 9:13, 3:6, 8:3, 6:7ot, 5:4, 2:5, 6:5, 10:2, 5:3, 4:2, 6:4, 6:2, 9:7, 2:0, 5:3, 3:4, 8:4, 1:2ot, 6:4, 4:5ot, 4:6, 3:4ot)
Position in actual League Standings: Konopes - 3rd / Maestro - 4th
Position in History Player Ranking Table: Konopes - 1st / Maestro - 2nd

Preview, by CosmiC: It will be central games of the season in my opinion. They are 2 top players in this season, Konopes is very strong - his position in the tournament tablet says this: only 4 defeats and 2nd. place. Konopes is the only one who can move North Star from the first place. Konopes has a very powerful attack, 3rd in the league and the strongest pressure, well, or at least one of. However, his defense is not as strong as it was a couple of years ago. And a player like the Maestro can take advantage of his errors on the defensive. Maestro, in order to stay in the top 4 and pass the first round of the Play Off must win in both games, otherwise, Maestro risks starting the Play Off from 1st. round. Maestro, like past seasons, has an excellent attack, an excellent selection of players, however, his defense is far from ideal and whether he will be able to score these 4 points is a main question. If Konopes will score from behind the gate, then Masetro will not have a single chance to win. In my opinion, Maestro will get 2 points, however, he will not be able to defeat Konopes in either of the two matches. My prediction is 2 games in favor of Konopes. In both games 2 OverTime (OT) games will be played.
Preview, by Joseph: Big moment for EMLH! Konopes versus Maestro. Legend versus Legend. This guys gave me 23 goals in 4 game! Oh my godness. Great skills, excellent offense, strong defense, big history in NHL04 online, 5 Stanley Cups in EMLH (3 Konopes, 2 Maestro) = this is Konopes & Maestro. I dont know as this round ends but I believe it will be beautiful matches. A slighty better this season has Konopes but i think that points will be divided. My tip is 1:1 and extratip is Panik (1+1) and Ovechkin (2+0).
Preview, by Ice Cold: Clash of the titans - I think everybody knows how prestige this game is for them and for the league. Two great champions of this game head to head. Konopes is in a very good form now and I think he will dictate the tempo of the game and possibly win both of the games, but as has Maestro shown in the last few games, he is able to play tight games with anyone so I think he will force overtime in both games.
Preview, by Valter: It will be hard battle for both of parts, but Konopes have more individual skills and has more strength opponents in his life, so, Capitals win both games. My tip - 2-0 for Capitals.


1 Maestro Maestro | 18. january 2018 at 21:55 | React

Konopes (WAS) - Maestro (CHI) 3:2ot, 3:2ot

Game1 Period,Time,Goal/Penalty,Team,Player Name,Note
1,05:39,PEN,CHI,KEMPNY MICHAL,"Obstruction hooking, minor (Minor)"
1,06:04,SHG (0:1),CHI,KEITH DUNCAN,Unassisted
1,08:38,PEN,WSH,NISKANEN MATT,"Holding, minor (Minor)"
1,17:56,PEN,WSH,ORPIK BROOKS,"Interference, minor (Minor)"
2,17:05,PEN,CHI,KEMPNY MICHAL,"Hooking, minor (Minor)"

Game 2
Period,Time,Goal/Penalty,Team,Player Name,Note
1,14:22,GOAL (0:2),WSH,OVECHKIN ALEX,Unassisted
2,09:15,PEN,CHI,KERO TANNER,"Hooking, minor (Minor)"

2 CosmiC CosmiC | 19. january 2018 at 5:51 | React

Wow, my prediction came true. 8-)

3 Maestro Maestro | 19. january 2018 at 9:25 | React

[2]: Yeah, I just realised it after the game. And wasn't so happy with that :) I was so disappointed that I left an open beer full and went immediately to bed to sleep from that.

In the first game, I was clearly better in first 2 periods. It even did not look like I play against such a champion. But then I lost the game in third, receiving game tying goal in the final minute.

In the second game, it was played right the oposite way. Konopes better in first 2 periods, then great comeback, Panik's goal and game tying in the final seconds of match.

But both games had one thing similar - Alex Ovechkin and his overtime goals :(

Overall it's disappointment, but not so tragicaly bad on the other side, there is a feeling that I am still able to outplay him in the possible playoffs head-to-head.

Congrats to 2 wins, champion!

4 konopes konopes | 20. january 2018 at 21:27 | React

yes well, in the first game, maestro was in the offens in the first two periods, I played mostly defense and used counter-attacks

I managed to catch him up in shots total and in time on attack in the third period, which resulted in late period goals and I was lucky enough to have Ovechkin and score an OT goal

in the second game, as mae already said, it was the opposite, I was leading 2-0, he came back in the third period, equalizing VERY late (4 seconds till the end), however again, I had ovechkin, who had 4 goals and 1 assist from those 6 goals, and I won also second one in the overtime

overall, very close and thrilling, entertaining games, I am looking forward to playoffs where I hope will meet maestro again :) even though he was my playoff killer in the past

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