Deadline passed!

16. january 2018 at 11:19 | Maestro |  News


Deadline to play rest of your Round 1-16 games PASSED (deadline was Sunday, 21/1, 24:00 CET)
Each game not be played till deadline will be either annuled to 0:0 or get the contumacy 0:3 in favour of more active player on ICQ.

ROUNDS 17-19

There is only 2 weeks left till the end of regular season (deadline is set to Sunday, 4/2, 24:00 CET)
We encourage you to play all your remaining season games in advance, you do not have to wait till the start of next round.


1 Maestro Maestro | 19. january 2018 at 9:51 | React

I can't see ANY match to be played by Alaq and Mino this calendar year.

Guys, if you did not realised yet that you got 3 last days to play at least 12 games each to avoid your immediate release from the league, it's the last time to realise it NOW.

As announced - the deadline 21/1 will NOT be extended and NO exceptions will be granted to ANYONE! It's your responsibility as major league players to plan your time for playing league games. 8-O

2 alaq alaq | 20. january 2018 at 14:53 | React

Hey, I wasn't able to play because of changing apartment (takes lot of time), having my masters degree exam (takes even more time) plus had a lot of work-related responsibilities in the last weeks. I doubt anyone would be able to play in this situation.

With that being said, now it got better so I can play games again.

3 Maestro Maestro | 21. january 2018 at 11:19 | React

[2]: Hi Alaq, its really good to hear that you are ready to play again. You gonna get couple of more days for playing your rests to prove your readiness. I saw that you already played against CosmiC. Hope to see some more games played today and next few days. Nice to have u back ;-)

4 Maestro Maestro | 22. january 2018 at 9:12 | React

--- Deadline passed ---

--- All unplayed games od Round 1-16 will get the contumacy as declared ---

--- Alaq reasons were accepted by admins, he explained his situation, he was online on ICQ last days, communicated to admins and played what he can during last weekend. Therefore he gain couple more days to play his rests. Other players with missing games did not provide any explanation till yesterdays deadline so their games will get the contumacy as announced.

If players do not like the contumacy against them, and they would like yet to play their contumacy games, there is still an option to play it during next 3 days (till Wednesday latest). Otherwise their contumacy will remain definitely.

Anything unclear - write a comment or just catch me on ICQ where I am online every day.

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