Contumacy has been given!

23. january 2018 at 12:03 | Maestro, Joseph |  News

List of actual games with contumacy given:

Next round of contumacy games will follow on SUNDAY, 28/1 !
Contumacy will be given to each and every un-played games of Rounds 1-16 !
If you got some of your games un-played and you will NOT be active on ICQ from today (Tuesday) till Saturday, you just could NOT be surprised to loose that games by a contumacy !



1 Maestro Maestro | 23. january 2018 at 22:09 | React

No player on ICQ except of Alaq this evening? :-?  ???

2 Maestro Maestro | 24. january 2018 at 10:54 | React

To all players that have not played against ALAQ yet:

I understand that when you were ready to play according to schedule, Alaq was not there.
Anyway, you must realize that season DID NOT END YET!
Alaq received exception from admins, he was ready last days and is ready to play now and later, and you just have to accept it and PLAY with him your un-played matches asap.
You CANNOT expect that if you put yourself out of ICQ from now till the end of regular season, these games will  get contumacy in your favour. They will NOT!
Contrariwise, I am willing to rather give wins from these games to Alaq, if I will not see any of you online on ICQ at least for 1 day per week!!!!!
And I did not see any of you willing to play last weekend or this week.

Questions? :-?

3 Maestro Maestro | 29. january 2018 at 9:13 | React

The leagues standings will be updated incorporating next contumacy games as soon as Joseph will complete it.

Next contumacy games will be:

- all remaining games of MinoTN (against MinoTN)
- Alaq vs Emanuel (for Alaq)
- Alaq vs Voltov (for Alaq)
- Valter vs Voltov (for Valter)

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