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PC online hockey and real ice hockey are different in most areas, but the game is still the same, the joy from striking a goal is the same, the feeling of winning a match is the same and both hockey games, real and virtual, share also the similar small group of players which can be honorably called Masters or Legends.

Regarding PC hockey, KonopesMaster*** is definitely one of them!

For PC online hockey world, nickname Konopes means the same that Gordie Howe means for NHL. Incredible endurance, superb hand skills, great skating and puck moving, quick passing, combination of defensive duties with offensive excellence, ability of striking goals from every position... I could keep on naming all the special attributes that differ this player from most of the others in a game, not to mention the tons of different trophies, cups and honors he achieved during his long-time career in prestigious EMLH and NEHL leagues. This article will fucus on mapping his carrer and achievements.

Konopes started playing NHL on PC (against PC) since '96 or '97 (with legendary title NHL '98) and online multiplayer since 2003 (with NHL 2004 title). Next years after unsuccessful effort to create an online league he decided to join EMLH in 2007. And here starts the story of a hockey giant.

The league was already one year old when Konopes hit the season like a hurricane. 33 wins from 37 games in regular season ensured him Presiden't trophy and Maurice Richard Trophy for most goals scored in a season. Competition was already strong including hockey-bosses brothers Vikfee and Radfee, Czech rookie and future league star Kalio, or ironman Markow. In semifinals he get through Vikfee on contumacy while in finale he beated Radfee 4:2 on games ensuring his first career Stanley cup.

The only season played at the same year because of enthusiasm of new players (yeah, I was one of them :) And Konopes continued to strike! On club draft he managed to choose strong Pittsburgh again (Crosby, Malkin, Hossa..) and won 18 from 22 games in regular season gaining his 2nd Presiden't trophy in a row, together with William M. Jennings trophy for best defense. He did not even stop at playoff where he won 12 from 13 games (league record) with only one game lost to rookie Maestro in the finals. For the consecutive Stanley Cup wins he also received the highest player honour BOSS.

Ooops. Strongest league season by that time brought 'only' 2nd place and one league trophy from regular season (William Jennings) suggested that also double-Master Konopes is defeatable. On club draft Konopes took New Jersey Devils as 'his' Pittsburgh was already chosen. Juventus did not hesitate and stole him President's trophy while Maestro beated him in the semifinals 4:1 on games, taking revange for the previous year finale defeat. Next season 2009-10 Konopes then took year-off to come back even stronger!

Season was tough, including players like Konopes, Juventus, Maestro, Krungthep and MinoTN. 22 wins from 24 games (3rd President's trophy) predicted another title for Konopes. He won most of the league trophies including mentioned President's, plus William Jennings, Maurice Richard and Prince of Wales. First round of playoffs brought also clean advance (4:1 on games and score 35:12) through Ixnay. But in semifinals he had bad luck as he met again with his nightmare Maestro who outscored him 4:0 on games.

Strongest season by that time included Konopes, Krungthep, Vikfee, Maestro and Juventus. Konopes bet on Detroit Red Wings, finishing 4th after regular season with 17 wins from 24 games and no individual trophy. But things happened in playoffs! In the first round he get 4:2 through Dzeyfee. In semifinals he outplayed Vikfee (2nd in regular season) 4:0 on games and in the Stanley Cup finale he managed to beat Krungthep (1st in regular season) 4:2 on games gaining his 3rd cup title putting him ahead of all others in league history (still valid in 2017 !).

NEHL - This season Konopes opened his career in NEHL league. In his first season he finished 5th after regular season and confirmed his playing quality even though he did not proceed to 2nd round of playoffs.

As Mt. Everest is the biggest and greatest mountain in the world of mountains, EMLH league season 2012-13 was probably the greatest and strongest league season ever to be played on any PC hockey league! And his majesty Konopes has not missed it. Regarding players there played 4 of 5 best NEHL players (Zalta, Bulkins, Konopes, Krungthep) including the best one (Zalta) as well as top players from elite russian league PGHL including CosmiC and King LandStalker. Konopes hit 5th place in regular season (62 points, 31 win - 9 losses), just one point behind Maestro (63), 4 points behind Krungthep (66), 10 points behind Zalta (36 wins - 4 losses) and 12 points behind LandStalker (37 wins - 3 losses). Playoff started great for Konopes. In the first round he met Doberman and won 4:1 on games, in quarterfinals meeting with Maestro came again, this time finally in favour of Konopes (4:1 on games, 3 of them in overtime). Consequent semifinals against superstar Zalta was probably the biggest Konopes challenge in his whole EMLH career. Tough one. Loss 1:4 on games and end of great season. Next league season in EMLH never happened again.

NEHL - second year of Konopes career brought even better results, confirming top 4 position in both regular season (4th place) and playoffs ended on semifinals against Zalta.

NEHL - Konopes temporarily (at least I hope) ended his league career in EMLH and start focusing on NEHL league and EMLH's 4vs4 tournaments. In his 3rd NEHL season he gained quite good success again, finishing in his 2nd consecutive playoff semifinals, again stopped in a battle against Zalta who eventually won his 3rd straight NEHL Stanley cup.

2014 Olympics
First major 4vs4 tournament in a history of PC hockey were organized by EMLH league and consisted of top player quality from all around the world, including strong PC hockey countries from Russia (2 teams), Slovakia, Czech, Ukraine and Finland. Konopes represented team of Slovakia (together with Maestro, Vikfee, Juventus and rookie TibOrr) but the tournament was a kind of disappointment for team Slovakia as we only finished on the 4th place.

NEHL - Disappointment season for Konopes who did not get through the first round of playoffs

NEHL - Konopes gained his biggest success achieving first SC finale in his career. Again he lost to Zalta who gained his 5th consecutive NEHL Stanley cup victory. Konopes just confirmed status that after Zalta's retirement he is the main candidate to be called the best PC hockey player in the world.

2016 World cup
Second major 4vs4 tournament again consisted of best-of-bests. Tournament included player legends like Steel, Anton and Slava (Russia), Zalta (Finland), DAV (Kazakhstan), Ice Cold (Czech), Gargamel (Italy), Alaq (Poland), Konopes, Maestro, MinoTN (Slovakia) and other great players. Konopes played for team Canada and gained Silver medals for 2nd place on the tournament. Also, he gained 2nd place in Markow award competition for best goal scorer on the tournament (12 goals, just 2 goals behind winner Anton)

NEHL - Konopes becomes the first Slovakian NEHL Stanley cup champion! After retirement of multiple champion Zalta it was only question of time when Konopes win the league's main trophy of Stanley cup. He did not hesistate and after the super-tough semifinal matches agains Julz from Poland (he managed to win the 7th game by one goal in overtime) he could started to celebrate the overal victory after the performance in finale against Italian star and fresh EMLH Stanley cup winner - Gargamel (Konopes won the Stanley cup finale 4:1 on games).

2018 Olympics
Tournament of tournaments! Konopes just cannot miss it and of course he will not! He's going to play for team Czecho-Slovakia together with players like Maestro, Ice Cold or MinoTN. The goal is clear and must - Olympic Gold medals! To beat Russians led by FixxxeR or Team Europe led by Gargamel will be a tough excercise but fans in Slovakia and Czech are expecting the gold medals finally to come to their states.

By now (april 2017), there were only a few players in the history of this game that can be compared in some way to Konopes and his career achievements. 3 Stanley cups from EMLH, Stanley cup from NEHL, EMLH's honored member of Hall of Fame, 14 EMLH league trophies (2nd all-time), 2nd in scoring at 2016 World Cup 4vs4 tournament and Silver medal, and his career still goes on! So far only 2 players gained the Stanley Cup title from 2 of 3 most prestigious PC hockey leagues - Konopes (EMLH and NEHL) and Steel (EMLH and EAPHL) - the true PC hockey legends!

League season 2017/18

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New league season 2017/18, #13th in league history, will start from Sunday, September 3, 2017.
Players will be asked to confirm their participations in the season from September 3 - September 17.
Club draft will start on September 17 and season's first round is supposed to start from October 1, 2017.

"Life is like a game. Sometimes you are substituted, sometimes you get penalty, sometimes...
But you must always come back to the ice again."

Markow, EMLH league legend

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