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13 Years Later, Hockey Fans Keep Updating NHL 04

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"This is the only game that still

feels like real hockey"

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League News - Player Drafts

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There is still more than 3 months left to the start of new EMLH league season 2017/18 however let me inform you in advance about some of the upcoming changes regarding Player Drafts.
After all players choose their teams they will have rights to add/trade some players before the start of the season in order to supplement their team by new players with following restrictions:

1/ Each GM will have right to ADD 1 new player to his team (from free teams) with maximum player overall according to team strenght.
Team overallMaximum Player overall
76 and less80
78 and more73

2/ Each GM will have a right to TRADE 2 players (any) to any free teams, with restriction that player overalls that are being traded must be equal (e.g 75 for 75). It will be possible to trade also skaters for goalies, or forwards for defensemen.

The above in-plan changes are being made in order to make the league teams more equal to each other for upcoming season (point 1) and also in order to allow GM's to play with their favourite players as well as to fit some of the problematic positions (point 2). In terms of questions please leave a comment.

Konopes - True Legend

18. april 2017 at 23:46 | Maestro |  News

PC online hockey and real ice hockey are different in most areas, but the game is still the same, the joy from striking a goal is the same, the feeling of winning a match is the same and both hockey games, real and virtual, share also the similar small group of players which can be honorably called Masters or Legends.

Regarding PC hockey, KonopesMaster*** is definitely one of them!

For PC online hockey world, nickname Konopes means the same that Gordie Howe means for NHL. Incredible endurance, superb hand skills, great skating and puck moving, quick passing, combination of defensive duties with offensive excellence, ability of striking goals from every position... I could keep on naming all the special attributes that differ this player from most of the others in a game, not to mention the tons of different trophies, cups and honors he achieved during his long-time career in prestigious EMLH and NEHL leagues. This article will fucus on mapping his carrer and achievements.

Konopes started playing NHL on PC (against PC) since '96 or '97 (with legendary title NHL '98) and online multiplayer since 2003 (with NHL 2004 title). Next years after unsuccessful effort to create an online league he decided to join EMLH in 2007. And here starts the story of a hockey giant.

The league was already one year old when Konopes hit the season like a hurricane. 33 wins from 37 games in regular season ensured him Presiden't trophy and Maurice Richard Trophy for most goals scored in a season. Competition was already strong including hockey-bosses brothers Vikfee and Radfee, Czech rookie and future league star Kalio, or ironman Markow. In semifinals he get through Vikfee on contumacy while in finale he beated Radfee 4:2 on games ensuring his first career Stanley cup.

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