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League Teamstats - Regular season 2017/18 (update 16/11)
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Interview with Doberman

9. november 2017 at 21:59 | Maestro |  Player interviews

Interview with Doberman / Tampa Bay Lightning
November 2017

1/ Hi Dobe, this season looks pretty good for you so far, winning 8 out of 10 games worth 6th place in actual league standings. How are you satisfied with the first quarter of season, with your team of Tampa Bay, and what are your regular season goals?
Doberman: Team lines are collected well. Excellent goalkeeper. Balance of defense and attack. Any of the players can take the lead.The calendar has good results.In matches with Andy, Walter and Doc reproach themselves not in what. In games with Gargamel and Joseph, he could score the most points, he could lose. As a result, the victories were divided. Overall, the result is logical. There are serious rivals with whom there will be a lot and qualitatively defending. To what and I'm preparing. I do not mind getting into the playoffs.

2/ After 3 seasons playoff drought it really looks like you will not be missing it this time. What the playoffs means for you?
Doberman: Not a fact. Last season I even led some time. And I went down to the 9th place. The playoffs are extra volnozhenie. Not always wins the strongest. Wolves to victory and coolness decides.

3/ You belong to a group of old-school players. When did you start to play hockey on PC and online?

List of round 8 & 9 games

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Upcoming games schedule

Round 8
(6/11 - 12/11)

Andy (OTT) vs Alaq (MIN)
MyFrend (SJS) vs Sallud (BUF) 5:0, 3:0
North Star (NYI) vs Steel (CBJ) 4:2, 1:0
Voltov (ANA) vs MinoTN (NYR)
Emanuel (FLA) vs Konopes (WAS) 1:10, 0:4
Valter (VGK) vs Maestro (CHI) 1:5, 2:4
Doberman (TBL) vs TibOrr (PIT)
Doc (COL) vs Ice Cold (NJD) 0:4, 0:1
Joseph (EDM) vs Gargamel (MTL) 0:5, 2:5

Round 9
(13/11 - 19/11)

Gargamel (MTL) vs Andy (OTT) 5:2, 2:0
Ice Cold (NJD) vs Joseph (EDM) 4:3, 0:2
TibOrr (PIT) vs Doc (COL)
Maestro (CHI) vs Doberman (TBL)
FixxxeR (DAL) vs Valter (VGK)
MinoTN (NYR) vs Emanuel (FLA)
Steel (CBJ) vs Voltov (ANA) 5:1, 9:0
Sallud (BUF) vs North Star (NYI) 0:7, 2:8
Alaq (MIN) vs MyFrend (SJS)

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