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Interview with KonopesMaster***
January 2017

Hi Konopes. It's nice to do an interview with you right at this special moment. You have just been inducted (together with Juventus) into League's Hall of Fame as third and forth players in 10-years league history. There's good company in there >:) How are your feelings to gain such a prestigious honor and immortality and how do you remember on your 6 seasons played in this league?
Konopes: Hi Mae, thank you for picking me, I appreciate it. It is a great honor to be named to the Hall of fame, to be in company of Vikfee, Juve and Mae. I loved the EMLH and admire EMLH in keeping statistics and historical data.

With three Stanley cups you are the most successful player of this league all-time. Even though you are still playing on major world 4vs4 tournaments organised by this league, your last EMLH season was 2012-13. Regarding your league career, is it already a closed case or is there any chance to see you in some season in the future to battle for the 4th Stanley cup?
Konopes: Yes I am actually considering it, NEHL is getting smaller, we are not sure about future of it, I would love to stay in NEHL, because it suits me more due to team management , cap space, drafts, and having a dedicated server. Also I have developed a "relationship" with my roster, I love my players as if I was a real life GM/coach :) I watch their progress every day in real life NHL, because their performances affect their NEHL value and next year's overall in NEHL. In case of some major changes in NEHL which I would not like, I will most probably come back to EMLH.

Mentioning the major tournaments, in last year's World cup of Hockey 2016 - tournament full of elite world players - you managed to gain the silver medal with team Canada as well as 2nd place in tournament's human scoring leaders with 12 goals in 9 matches. How were you satisfied with tournament and with your tournament performance (personal, team) in overall?
Konopes: Oh it was a great experience, it was so fun. I only regret our team did not practice more, we were disorganized a lot, and we were also missing our key player, zalta, in key matches. Furthermore we were rusty as we did not play a lot by that time, next time we will be better prepared! If I remember it correctly, we were really close to making the finals even without Zalta which was great, matches were so thrilling! I could have played better, I was not prepared so well as I wanted to, also I played defense in 1 or 2 matches which hindered my production. I am a defensive-aware player so I tried to help our D a lot, I probably could have scored a bit more goals but that would hurt our team on defense. I would point out Mino, former player of EMLH, who played awesome in D and saved us a lot of goals, we could have focused on scoring goals more due to him.

You become into the group of "old-school" players, I mean players which still keep playing online league hockey for more than 7-8 years. It's a very thin group of players world-wide as the career of a player in PC hockey is usually less then several seasons long and far-away from a length of player careers in real hockey life. How long do you plan to stay in a game yet?
Konopes: Well I have been playing it since 2003 :D mostly offline, in 2005 or so I began playing with my friend(s), in 2006 or 2007 I created a league which did not have a lot of success, and shortly after that I think I joined EMLH. It is sad that even though there are several hundreds of active players on flyermania (rebuilt) website -, only dozens of them are committed to leagues.
One thing that I find amazing is how players developed over the years, even after 14 years of playing the same game, we managed to find new ways of scoring, ways that we have never seen before, this means we mastered the game to an incredible level, maybe even this hurts us in getting new players, they get blown 10-0, 12-1 or so. They are usually kids who are not used to lose and are not willing to learn over the time, they want everything and right now. And back to your question. How long? As long as it will be fun, as long as there will be a community. In case of a transition from NEHL to EMLH, I will have to see if I will miss the GM aspect much.

At the moment you are playing in NEHL league. Regarding your personal player career achievements in NEHL, you've been recognized by many as one of the best players of the league. As far as I got the data (till 2014-2015) you have reached the playoff semifinals twice. I would be interesting on how did you finish the rest NEHL seasons and who were the champions?
Konopes: Well, Zalta won it every time since he has started in NEHL :D He was unstoppable until now, this can be the first season he actually loses, he is not playing much, we eliminated hooking in NEHL and this seem to suit me and even more Juliusz, so let's see, I think Juliusz will win it. Also roster strength plays a big role in close games, but veterans such as me, Zalta or Juliusz (and few others), we all have very good rosters, so no big advantage there.
I think once I was even in the finals, but I am not so sure. I constantly underestimated the importance of goalies, in close games it is VERY important to have a good goalie, he can save you a goal or two which can be a deciding factor - and it often is. I traded for Marc Andre Fleury and I swapped him for Carey Price so now I have some of the best forwards as well as the best goalie in the game, but my defensive core is a bit behind and lacking in depth.

Team Slovakia prepares for revenge for the Sochi 2014 Olympic tournament. Will you be a part of the team again?
Konopes: Definitely I will! Team games are so much fun!

Thank you Legend.
Konopes: Thank you for the interview and thank you again for the recognition, I appreciate it a lot!

Konopes and Juventus inducted into league's Hall Of Fame

Saturday at 0:58 | Council Of Elders (COE) |  News

Council of Elders on it's annual induction decided for year 2017 to induct 2 players into league's Hall Of Fame.
The honored members are:




Congratulations, Legends!

CoE committee voted this year with a system of 3-2-1 points for 3 candidates chosen by each council's member.
As 2 candidates had same points (8) after voting, instead of repeating of voting CoE decided to induct both players this year while in next year nobody will get the induction.
Votes by particular COE members: Valter voted for Juventus, Konopes and MinoTN. Maestro voted for Konopes, LandStalker and Juventus. Ice Cold voted only for 2 players - Konopes and Juventus. TibOrr voted for Ice Cold, Juventus and Steel.

Round 11 - Match of the week preview

16. january 2017 at 14:40 | Maestro |  Hockey notes

TrogdorJR vs TibOrr

Trogdor alternates good results with worse. He definitely can play on elite level but it seems that he is not stable in his performances yet. He was already able to beat league stars such as Ice Cold and Maestro but also lost to several other oponents. Nevertheless if he score a first goal of the match he can be really very hard to beat.
On the other side, after aborted last season TibOrr seems to have his form back, winning 6 games from 10. He can play an all-around game and keep the oponent on a distance in defense while in offense he can perfectly use the hard shots of his best forwards Crosby and Malkin. Also league's experiences play for his side, he already maneged to play more than 170 league games including tons of games against world-class players.
This duel will without doubt bring a good offensive hockey with lot of goals and scoring chances. There will be no surprise if the points would be divided equally between both players.

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