New roster released

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Let me inform you that new roster has been already released by NHL 04 Rebuilt team.
This roster version will be used for whole EMLH's season 2017-18.
Download and enjoy!

All leagues SC champions list 2006-2017

2. august 2017 at 14:15 | Maestro |  News

We just hitting last month of the off-season which is usually the longest one of whole year as players are going to be more and more eager to start playing and dust down their sticks and skates after a long break.
We will try to shorten your waiting with some interresting articles such as player interviews or kind of statistics.
Couple of days ago were released Interview with league legend Kalio 4 years after his hockey retirement and now we have again something very interresting in hand - summary table of all the Stanley cup champions from all the top NHL04 leagues all-time. Information marked as N/A under NEHL league means that this data is just missing as NEHL doesn't have any kind of list of their own SC champions and I doubt that anyone from NEHL even remember it back to 00's. So I filled there winners that are known and confirmed. Thanks to Valter we have the complete list of EAPHL champions as well. Let's find all the world's best players from all the top leagues in this unique all-in-one table.


League Legends: Interview with KALIO

30. july 2017 at 11:11 | Maestro |  Interviews with retired players

Interview with KALIO

League career: 2007 - 2013
Country: Czech

Maestro: Hi Kalio, it's nice to see your name to shine in header again. It was after 2012-13 season when you retired and hang out your league career after 5 league seasons and 184 league games played (10th all-time). During that period of time you managed to gain significant achievements such as President's trophy in 2009-10, Playoff semifinals in 2008, or Ted Lindsay award in 2007-08. How would you evaluate your career?
Kalio: I would evaluate my career very positively. It brought lot of fun during the play and also some emotions depending on success or failure. I always appreciated achievements a lot! It's true that regarding top heights (Stanley cup) I always missed a bit, but the possibility to play against such players as Vikfee, Radfee, Konopes, Juventus, Maestro and many other great players, was the reward itself. I only regret very end of season 09-10 connected to tech issues with notebook and withdrawal from season.

Maestro: Even though you never managed to win the cup, your regular season results were always excellent.
How do you remember on your President's trophy season when you won 24 of 26 games? (92,3% which worths 3rd place all-time).
Kalio: I do not remember much details yet, but that's right that I was succesful in regular season matchups. In playoff I sometimes payed tax for my zealousness and emotions. Moreover I was alwayes kicked out by the best players, players which were able to keep patience and stability of play against me.

>> click on 'Whole article' to see complete interview

You wanna play too?

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Next league season 2017-18 is knocking on the door, starting from September 3, 2017
You wanna play too?
It's easy - just be ready to confirm your participation between September 3 - September 11
You are new? No problem - just send a registration e-mail to our league e-mail address and wait for feedback.

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