2016 World Cup of Hockey

3. august 2016 at 12:58 | Maestro |  4 vs 4 Tournaments

Team captains must complete their squad to 5 players till Thursday, September 1
Tournament starts on Saturday, September 17

Group stage consists of 6 matches per team (2x each versus each). Starting pairs:

Canada vs. USA
Russia vs. Sweden

Above 2 matchups are supposed to be played till Sunday, September 18. Next schedule of games is up to team captains agreement.
All matches in group stage must be played till Saturday, September 23.

Standings (after Group stage)
After group stage if two or more teams finish with the equal amount of points the relevant factor to determinate the advancing team is
1/head-to-head matchups points
2/total score differencial
3/more goals given
4/repeating matchup.

Medal stage beginns on Sunday, September 24. First 2 teams after the group stage proceed to the tournament final. 3rd and 4th team after the group stage will play for the bronze medals. Both final and bronze-medal matchups will be played on 2 wins (best-of-three). All medal-stage matchups must be played till Saturday, October 1.
Bracket - Tournament final & Bronze medal matchups

Team captains responsibilities
  • to create home games
  • game scheduling with other captains
  • to ensure video from games
  • to make game statistics (and sending to league e-mail)
  • provide all goal scorers after each game (Markow award competition)
  • to be online and reachable on ICQ during whole tournament
  • The tournament will be played according to EMLH rules (5min periods, NHL-sized rinks, EMLH AI etc.)
  • Players can't break the game during opponent possession.
  • Games versus same opponent in a group stage must be played in a row, with maximum 20 minutes between the end of first and start of second game.
  • Team captain of higher ranked team is allowed to create the first game as well as choose the home team (in order MinoTN, Steel, Maestro, Juventus).
  • 3 players must be locked on positions, 4th player can be open.
  • Games are not allowed to be played if there is not enough (4) players on someone's side.

Tournament statistics. Markow award for best goal scorer
In the tournament we are going to record the top-10 scoring leaders. In this category we will track goals only (we will not record assists). This category will be appointed for human players (e.g Steel) and not pc players (e.g Ovechkin). The best goal scorer of the tournament will eventually win the new prestigious trophy - Markow award. (Award is named after the legend of this league - Markow, the only player in league history to play 8 consecutive league seasons in a row and former long-time league admin)

Team stats and enhanced player stats will also to be made and available on the tournament statistics site here:

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